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Good Old Boys Club

It might seem like cheering on a certain political party is exciting and fun, something like cheering on your favorite hockey team, and it might even make some people feel like they belong and give them a sense of team spirit but in actual fact party politics is the root of the problem. Think about all the time wasted during parliamentary debates while one party tries to berate another for their past or present mistakes. Last December Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided to prorogue government and a coalition was almost formed. So what happened next? Canada's leaders decided to take a recess. I believe that was bad timing considering the world was in the initial stages of a global meltdown. The whole December episode can be attributed to party style politics. Canadians were very lucky the global crisis didn't turn out far worse than it did. A much better, perhaps less flashy political system, would be comprised entirely of independent members who could vote their own conscience and not have to follow strick party guidelines. Canada is currently saddled with the old British parliamentry system which dates back hundreds of years. To quote the speaker of the house: "It's an adversarial system". It breeds suspicion and corruption.

Canada desperately needs a newer more modern and more efficient form of governance, a system that's more in tune with todays heavy demands for accountability and honesty. A system comprised entirely of independent members would make a lot more sense and would eliminate the need for the party based system. It would be a refreshing sight to see, not to mention much more productive, without the constant flurry of insults being thrown back and forth across the house floor. That isn't to say there wouldn't still be a few bad apples but the good old boys club would be gone thank god. Candidates for leadership could be chosen from among the more popular members who could run for Prime Minister. The people would still have a vote. There would be no more team to cheer on but perhaps we could all cheer about a better life style, more jobs for the unemployed and less corruption in government. It's a well known fact that if a party member doesn't toe the party line they're swiftly kicked out on their rear without so much as a thank you or goodbye. What this country really needs most is free independent thinking individuals running government. Not a bunch of yes men. It would be a nice change to see a few honest MP's switch to independent and a few more new candidates entering the race the next time an election rolls around. Get to work folks and start twittering your friends about this. You can be a big part in promoting the idea to others and that's important because this won't happen all by itself.

Ted McKeown � NBTV � August 4, 2009 - Revised August 26, 2009

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Deficit 50 Billion Dollars and Rising

Our financial model is not sustainable. Let me explain. Imagine there is no money in circulation so the bank issues the very first money in the world (lets say the amount is $100) and that's all that exists on earth. Now the bank wants that full amount back in one year plus 10 percent interest so the bank wants back $110. See the dilema? There is only $100 in circulation but to complete this transaction and pay the bank back is impossible unless another $10 dollars is created to pay off the interest. So they keep printing more and more money. It could even be said all credit is debt. Allan Brennan, the manager of economic analysis and forecasting with the Alberta government's Department of Infrastructure and Transportation, recently made this comment, "Debt is 470 per cent of the current economy, and the last time things were bad, in 1979, it was 300 per cent. We are probably beyond the point where that debt can ever be saved. This is a solvency crisis, not a liquidity crisis."

There is in fact a shortage of (REAL MONEY) in circulation. It's no wonder the world is in so much trouble. The TD bank is predicting a big jump in Bankruptcies this year. There were 10,578 personal bankruptcies filed during March of this year, up a staggering 57% from 6,736 in March 2008. Banks run this country and our elected members in office are just front men for the bankers. The USELESS regulations FLAHERTY passed to curb credit card interest rates are a classic example of how politicians WHIMP OUT and COWER IN FEAR when having to face greedy financial institutions. We regular Canadians don't really believe Globalization is helping. The track record certainly says otherwise. Free trade has only helped to pad the pockets of the rich. Our leaders have to say what the World Bank tells them to say. The global recession is going to last longer than a year or two. High interest rates and money supply are the reason the cycle starts. Banks tightnen the money supply and we go into a recession. Then they loosen the money supply and we go into a boom. It's also known as the boom bust cycle. Each time we enter recession the rich feast off the spoils.

Ted McKeown � NBTV � June 11, 2009

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Y2K fizzled - Then Came The Global Recession and FLU

There has been lots of talk in the news about Recessions and Depressions. I once heard the definition given by a radio commentator saying �what�s the difference between a recession and a depression? A recession, he said, is when my neighbor loses his job and a depression is when I lose my job�. Is the economic situation really all that bad you ask? Well it all depends on your perspective doesn�t it. Some people are going through some very tough times now and many will loose a lot. The TD bank is predicting a big jump in Bankruptcies this year. There were 10,578 personal bankruptcies filed during March of this year, up a staggering 57% from 6,736 in March 2008. Last year was not a bed of roses either. We already quoted the statistics for last year on this website so if you�ve been keeping up to speed you would already know that there was a flood of consumer bankruptcies last year. Why so many you ask? Well Credit card fees are the main reason as well as high personal loan interest rates which are much higher than the Bank of Canada�s interest rate. Another reason the world economy tanked is because of the Global integration of the World economies. The philosophy was that if we take money from the rich countries and give to the poorer ones we would equalize everything and everyone�s happy.

So along came NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the European Union to fix things and make it better. Then there was the United Nations which was already set in place and the World Bank. They set to work putting the regulations in place to Equalize the world. There was a small problem though. The well to do countries had to give up some major concessions. Many gave up ground where they could not afford to do so. Many were told that it was all for the greater good but some had to give up more that others and some of the wealthy gave up nothing at all. The rich exploited the new partnerships that were being formed and the poor felt slighted. Then the backlash ensued. Wealthy countries were teetering on a financial abyss while the World Bank was saying everything is fine, we are still on track. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. This all happened very gradually of course so as to make it more palatable. I like to give this analogy by asking �How do you boil a frog with out it�s knowing?� You put it in a pot of luke warm water and turn up the heat up very slowly. The World Bank allowed our money supply to shrink in reality and boiled us all. Money is created by loosening up credit but with each dollar created there is interest attached to it. That interest attached is already debt as soon as it�s printed and the money needed to pay of that debt doesn�t exist so more money must be created to pay the new debt created and with each succeeding dollar created there is additional debt attached so you have an escalating situation like a dog chasing it�s tail running in circles trying to catch up. The problem is it can never catch up. Not using the existing financial formula. It could even be said that all credit is debt.

Did the plan to globalize the world fail? Once again it depends on your perspective. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The gap has been widening for years and only a few control the vast wealth in the world. During hard times big corporations buy up all the smaller companies that have failed under the economic pressure. Vulture groups swoop in and buy up these failed companies for pennies on the dollar. Many larger corporations continue to buy up other businesses until they have controlling interest in the market place or a � Monopoly�. Remember the Listeriosis outbreak last summer at Maple Leaf Foods, Well it also affected Schneiders, Shopsies and many other companies that are all really one and the same company. Only a handful of very wealthy control the world and that number are shrinking because they via amongst themselves for even higher positions of power. The rich will say globalization is working and yet the poor, who vastly outweigh the rich in numbers, will say that globalization isn�t working so take your pick. Maybe we would all like this new higher order to work but as it is structured today it simply doesn�t. That can be mainly attributed to stupid global fiscal policies that are archaic in nature and only designed to benefit the wealthy.

Ted McKeown � NBTV � May 2, 2009

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Mexican Swine Flu is Terrible to say the least

Strange swine flu mutation killing Mexicans. The only death reported in the U.S. was a visitor from Mexico. Why is the virus just killing the Mexican population? Is it a coincidence that they alone are suffering the worst of this crisis? The outbreak of swine flu comes at a bad time for Mexico when the country is already suffering tough economic conditions. The 39-year-old woman who was the first victim to die of the Mexican swine flu spent the last eight days of her life going from clinic to clinic to find out what was wrong with her. Doctors were baffled and it wasn't until after she died that the new virus was detected. She was a census taker for the southern state of Oaxaca. When the story first broke we were told it doesn't affect the very young or older population but now we learn that the first confirmed case was a four year old in Mexico who was lucky to survive the ordeal. The first U.S. death was a 23 month old baby boy visiting with his parents from Mexico. This mutation appearently contains three components including the swine flu, avian and also a human element which is unusual but probably why it spreads so fast. Experts say the drug Tamiflu and Relenza seem to be effective against the virus but it may take up to six months to develop a specific vaccine for this outbreak which has already spread around the globe even as far away as New Zealand, The U.S. declared a public health emergency Sunday to deal with the emerging new swine flu. In Mexico 56 people have died and possibly hundreds more have been infected because of an outbreak of swine flu. 13 cases have been confirmed in Canada. Four of those are in Nova Scotia, four more in Ontario and two are in BC. Grist Magazine just found a source that may link the swine flu epidemic to Smithfield Foods hog operation in Perote, Mexico in the state of Veracruz. The Spanish flu, which circled the world in 1918 and 1919 and killed at least 50 million people, was of the same general subtype (H1N1) as the virus in Mexico

Ted McKeown � NBTV � April 25, 2009

Local TV Programming Fund

CRTC announces that a local programming fund will be available for cable networks to improve local TV programming. No funds will be available for NBTV however. Once again, this leaves NBTV at a disadvantage and the ability for us to continue providing the highest quality TV programming for this area may suffer. This also affects our ability to compete with cable companies on a level playing field. If you have any concerns about this please contact NBTV. You may register your complaints by clicking here - click here for more information - click here to read CRTC Scandals

CRTC - New Media Hearings - 2009-02-28

The CRTC is presently conducting hearings in Gatineau Quebec to discuss new internet media and the importance of regulating, or not regulating, this new media to help foster a greater degree of Canadian content. The idea is to protect this vast realm so future Canadians can continue to enjoy Canadian films, movies and videos about Canada. How difficult could that be? It might seem a daunting and impossible task but that hardly needs to be the case. The CRTC could simply take small random samplelings of the internet to determine the approximate amount of Canadian content and whether that content has any value. It is however vitally important that we stake our claim to this relatively new medium now before other foreign media giants take over. I am just afraid that small internet tv stations, which do not receive funding, will be left behind in the mad rush to stake a claim. Small broadcasting stations like have not received any funding and must operate with one hand tied behind it's back. This means must compete against the already well established media giants that do receive funding. This practice is completely unacceptable and a complete contradiction to a fair and democratic process which this counrtry claims to hold in such high esteem. If this action is allowed to continue the internet which is often called the new media frontier will quickly become a joke. This does not mean to say we should throttle the internet or shut out certain groups. What the new policies should do is foster more Canadian content and better Canadian content while offering a level playing field for both old and new media. Worst case senerio is the CRTC will just see this as a new way to censor the internet which I hope is not the case but if they impose hefty licence fees on internet broadcasters and heavy handed regulations it would be worse than doing nothing at all. Lets hope they see the light and tread easy. This is a new frontier and we don't want to screw it up. More...

Ted McKeown � NBTV � April 15, 2009

Canada lost over 370,000 jobs since last October

Yes we're warning you, don�t read this story if you don't like bad news. Don't read this story if you're in denial about the economic situation in Ontario. Don't read this story if you like your news candy coated and don't read this story if your NOT looking for real answers and real solutions to the crisis that we find ourselves in right now. Finding some answers might keep this province and country from falling even deeper into a recession. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I am just the messenger. This may be one of the hardest stories I will ever cover because no matter how I tell it I am sure to ruffle some feathers and draw flak from all sides. Canada is a blessed nation with vast resources, resources that have been squandered and pilfered for years. This isn't the first time I've mentioned my displeasure over the practice of giving away our resources to certain, shall we say, unnamed entities. Those resources are ours too. They belong to Canadians "as a whole" It's our water, our oil, our minerals, our timber, our hydro and it's all being sold right out from under our feet. The average Canadian has not received fair compensation. Only recently the government mentioned selling off some crown assets to help pay off some of the debt that will result due to the recession.

Was the recession really an accident that just descended upon us or was it inevitable as I suspect. I believe it was inevitable because of greed and government mismanagement and bad decisions on the part of industry and financial institutions. Investors also made bad investment decisions. Stock holders didn't hold corporations accountable and governments didn't hold investors or corporations accountable. Is no-one accountable for this mess? Apparently not, if you believe Baystreet anyway. It just HAPPENED. That's the line they are stringing us. Well I am here to tell you the truth. You remember your history right? Government bureaucracy will often progress to a point where it becomes top-heavy. When it reaches that unstable condition it topples, much like it did in Rome.

Rome fell because of a massive bureaucratic system that grew bigger and bigger while bureaucrats continued to demand higher and higher taxes so as time went on the system became top heavy and collapsed under it's own weight. That's basically it in a nutshell but today it's much more complicated than that. What complicates it is the lack of transparency. I wish lawyers wouldn't use words like that so I will say lack of honesty in place of transparency because that's what it really boils down to. When oil prices started to sky-rocket in July the lawyers blamed it on lack of transparency, meaning the names of big companies trading oil were never known. They were kept secret. There dealings were going on without scrutiny and few people knew who they were. Secrecy, or lack of transparency, is a wonderful tool that the rich use to bilk the public and basically steal money only we can't really call it stealing because its condoned by the government so I will call it "legalized theft". Some government meetings and most corporate meetings are behind closed doors for a reason.

I am particularly disturbed by the government and municipal fees that buy you rights. You�re probable asking what I mean when I say �buy rights�. Here is an example. A friend of mine called city hall to inquire about starting a taxi business in North Bay. After being bounced around a few different departments it was determined that starting an independent taxi service was not a viable option, at least not at present. It is not possible at this time because quote �only a limited number of plates are available" A plate is required to become a broker and run a Taxi service. Then he was informed that even if a plate was available it would cost upwards of $12,000. WOW !!!! Just to put that into perspective NBTV has been running for three years at less than a quarter of that figure, even when you include our cable costs and upgrades. That's a lot of money just for the RIGHT to start a taxi business.

This added expense only serves to limit competition and stifle free enterprise. In Toronto there's been some discussion about street vendors selling food on the street and what should be done to regulate and improve the street vendor�s profession. To this end it was suggested that food vendors would have to buy a $27,000 food cart to sell gourmet food on the streets of Toronto. $27,000!!! Come on now. Forget the food cart, I can buy a very nice car right off the lot for HALF that price. Here's a thought I offer freely to all politicians and corporate welfare bums, take it or leave it: Try to be a little more frugal with the taxpayers money and a little more open about the decisions that effect us. Try to remember that you�re not gods gift to the universe and that others do exist and we all co-habitat the same world together. I hardly think MPP's giving themselves a $25,000 raise last year will be looked upon as being very frugal, especially in times like this when the average Canadian is struggling just to make ends meet. This article is for them. Try being a little more considerate of small business.

The average John Doe doesn�t have vast resources to draw upon when starting a business. Also, don't reward big business for dumb fiscal mismanagement while you penalize the poor. Canada is in trouble and Ontario is taking the full brunt of it. The manufacturing sector is suffering and it's been going on for a while now. Very little has been done to make our auto industry independent of foreign interest. We give away our resources and receive little in return. Every Canadian could easily be paid a royalty from the sale of these crown resources. Unfortunately they are gradually being striped away for the sake of a privileged few.

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Ted McKeown � NBTV � April 2, 2009

It's Called a Bail Out Package

Once again, world governments failed to look beyond the obvious reasons as to why so many business failures occured. The financial system, as it stands today, is flawed. Government plans to offer huge financial bail-outs to reward corporations and lending institutions for their fiscal miss-managment will only prolong the problem. More corporate accountability and fiscal management safeguards need to be in place to protect taxpayers money. Governments allowed dangerous bubbles to grow in the real estate and mortgage lending markets and in the energy stocks and commodities market. The skimming of profits in some markets was truly obscene as indicated by the massive oil profits raked in by Exxon and Esso. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the big players in the markets saw their investments double in only a few short months. A barrel of oil, for example, rose from $67 a barrel last year to $147 in July of 2008. The auto industry had plenty of time to retool their auto plants and start manufacturing more energy efficient vehicals but they would continue to drag their feet for years. When the time came, the Detroit three would fly to Washington in their corporate jets, hat in hand, looking for financial assistance. It's obvious from this grandiose display of extravagance that they still don't get it. Banks and lending institutions would stress borrowers to the limit for years with their high interest rates and high credit card fees knowing full well that the house of cards would come tumbling down some day. Even so, they continued in this indulgent practice with the comforting knowledge that if they would go running to the government screaming for help they would get bailed out again (that's right, again! - this isn't the first time folks). I guess it's easier to bail them out than the alternative which is to really fix the problem.

* You have the authors permission to copy the above article and publish it on your website if you so desire.

Ted McKeown � NBTV � August 18, 2008

New World Vision

World Vision stated recently that they could no longer meet their goal of feeding a quarter of the worlds starving children because of the rising cost of food. It's common knowledge that food costs are rising because fuel costs are rising and the two are closely connected. Are the oil barons getting too greedy? Is their greed costing lives in the third world? Should commodities speculation drive the cost of oil? Should people be gambling with oil commodities like gamblers play with poker chips? In reality peoples lives are at stake in this game. While Oil barons save money for their future generations and their great great grand children, poor children in Africa are starving right now. Oil companies find the oil so the government gives it all to the finder (the oil company) but do not the resources of Canada also belong to the citizens of Canada, at least in part. Shouldn't every Canadian receive a royalty on these oil profits, otherwise it's just first come first serve and to heck with the rest of the people that come along after the fact.

Some officials would argue that we do receive side benefits from those excessive oil profits but the truth is the average Canadian receives little or no benefit. Canada is the second largest country on earth. Our geography is spread out over a vast area. A low price for gas is critical here so commuters can travel to and from work and our economy can function normally. Without a sensible price for gas, this country's entire economy will become unstable as appears to already be happening. The manufacturing sector in Ontario is already faltering. If our politicians don't get their heads out of the sand and do something about this looming gas crisis the damage to our economy will be great. It is important to note here that the high cost of fuel will indirectly drive up the cost of everything else we purchase. If the price of gas reaches $1.40 per liter this summer as predicted, it will most likely trigger a recession which could last two years or longer.

click here and read the Hirsch Report

The global warming scare is bound to make cars the big culprit because they are gas powered vehicles so will anyone really be rushing out to buy a new gas powered car knowing new gas taxes are looming and oil reserves are in question? Oil companies often give mixed messages about just how much oil reserves remain so can we really trust them when they say there's still enough oil for the next decade? We see shortages of fuel in other countries today. When is it going to start here? Since oil companies sell gas and carmakers sell cars that use gas, it would seem to be mutually beneficial for them to continue the status-quo. What if everyone stopped buying cars? Perhaps that would send a message to them to do something. Perhaps then they might push harder for hydrogen or electric cars as an alternative mode of transportation.

Footnote to my story: Florida State Official and Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson says soaring gas prices could trigger an economic catastrophe rivaling the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Warren Buffett predicts a "long, deep" U.S. recession

Ted McKeown � NBTV � June 18, 2008

Bullies on the Web

NBTV would like your opinion on something. There have been many concerns expressed lately about the dangers of surfing on certain video websites and some viewers are worried. When you purchase a car, an appliance or an electronic device, you would be concerned if it didn't pass certain safety standards or that it might present a danger to you and your family. Wouldn't you expect similar safety standards to be in place on the web site that you and your family watches. It's time to speak out about the web sites that promote bullying and violence, prejudice and even murder as well as other hate crimes. You know which web sites we're talking about. This website is moderated. We guarantee that nothing will ever be posted on NBTV that will present a danger to you or your loved ones. That's the NBTV promise. You will never see the warning " viewer discretion advised " on NBTV. You and your family can rest easy knowing that NBTV has your best interests at heart. Your safety comes first. TV ratings come second. If you have any comments on the matter please contact us through the contact link below. You can check out our website at

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